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Invoice verification. Self-billing mode. Reliable and fast.

In billing mode, the module analyses all the elements of a shipment statement with a click of the mouse. Any anomalies are clarified with the logistics service provider via the system very quickly. Transparent and well-focussed for both parties, this module works on an exception management basis, thereby ensuring that fast invoicing is the order of the day.

In self-billing mode, Billing creates self-bills automatically and submits the finished documents to logistics service providers via the system. There is no longer any need whatsoever for manual checks.

Furthermore, for the purposes of accounting, accurate monthly cost accruals can be forecasted based on actual shipment and contract data.

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Billing details

  • Transfer of freight cost statements within the system

  • Automated check of costs against transport rates stored in TICONTRACT Rate Management

  • Automated analysis of shipment data and creation of self-billing documentation

  • Definition of ranges within which deviations from contracted freight rates are accepted

  • Internal clarification of invoiced costs within the system

  • Invoice verificationand approval and transfer of data into the ERP system

  • Adoption of shipment data from ERP and/or logistics systems


Automated invoice verification

"Since we've been using Billing, everything to do with our freight invoicing has run so fast. Our service providers are really happy and our freight costs are exactly as planned."

Billing checks comprehensive shipment statements from one or more service providers with a click of the mouse. Freight invoices that are too high, time-consuming manual checks and the outsourcing of invoice verification tasks are all now a thing of the past.


  • Full control over your transport costs

  • 100% invoice verification and approval in no time at all

  • Minimised controlling work thanks to self-billing

  • Faster invoice verification and approval

  • Better relationships with suppliers

  • No need to outsource billing processes

Stay on the ball when it comes to Freight Invoice Checking

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