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Carrier billing. Fast payment handling. No costs.

TICONTRACT Carrier Billing is the quickest way of clarifying freight invoices with shippers.

Carrier Billing enables you to speed up the process of having your freight invoices checked and approved by your shippers, which means a much shorter payment run and significantly less clarification work.

Carrier Billing is free of charge to service providers, who simply have to be registered with TICONTRACT. Carrier Billing can be used in the freight invoicing process for all shippers running TICONTRACT Billing at their end.

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Carrier Billing details

  • Shipment structures uploaded for a particular period

  • Feedback from shipper regarding individual shipments if clarification is required

  • Targeted communication and fast clarification procedure

  • Shipment statement approved by shipper


Faster billing process

"We now have a better relationship with our customers who use TICONTRACT Billing. There is no longer any discussion over unexpected amounts found on invoices and the accounting process runs much faster for both sides."

Billing checks shipment statements and freight prices automatically before the invoice is generated, thus minimising the risk of billing for incorrect amounts. The entire invoicing process becomes faster.



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Carrier Billing: The benefits for you

  • Shipment statements transferred to shipper easily

  • Fast and targeted feedback

  • Simple communication and fast processes

    Faster invoice approval and payment handling

  • Free of charge for logistics service providers

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