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TICONTRACT Free Carrier Tendering. Freight contracts free of charge.

TICONTRACT is the place to be on the web for electronic freight and logistics tenders.

Renowned shippers invite logistics service providers to bid for suitable freight tenders. By the end of the freight tendering process, negotiations will have been held and agreements reached on transport volumes and/or the terms of freight rates.

Bidders are represented on the platform by a comprehensive company profile, which can be viewed by all the industrial and retail enterprises connected to the system.

Using of TICONTRACT carrier tendering platform is completely free of charge for logistics service providers.

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Carrier Premium Account

Activate. Check out. Win freight contracts.

For registered carriers

Next to your invitations to RFQs issued by shippers, you will find an overview of currently active RFQs on the platform, you have not been invited to yet.

Our premium membership will increase your visibility for shippers and will give you the opportunity to promote your services in the best possible way.

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Free Carrier Tendering details

  • Web-based freight tendering platform

  • Negotiation of long-term logistics contracts

  • Free to register and participate in freight tenders

  • Companies create their own profiles, no restriction on the number of users with access authorisation

  • Support hotline provides assistance free of charge

  • Opportunity to participate in logistics tenders from large, well-renowned shippers

  • Platform available in 13 languages

  • Around 8000 freight tenders per year from the industrial and retail sectors

  • Over 400 shippers connected to the platform

  • Your corporate contact details can be found on (Carrier Premium Account)

  • Check out the list of RFQs that is available for your applications (Carrier Premium Account)

  • Apply for matching RFQs to which your comany has not been invited (Carrier Premium Account)


Electronic sales channel

"The tendering platform brings us into contact with shippers we did not even know before. Our profile means we receive invitations to bid for attractive tenders that are just the right fit for us."

Fill out the registration form and service provider profile – and you're done. Become a member of the TICONTRACT community of service providers totally free of charge in just a few short steps and receive invitations to bid for long-term transport orders.



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Free Carrier Tendering: Your benefits

  • Potential customers make contact directly

  • Invitations to bid for interesting freight tenders

  • Company profile can be viewed by all shippers

  • Easier acquisition of orders and new customers

  • Lower marketing costs

  • Savings in terms of both time and money

  • Free to register and use

  • Find out, what's happening on the platform (Carrier Premium Account)

  • Find matching RFQs (Carrier Premium Account)

  • Apply for participation (Carrier Premium Account)

  • Win new customers (Carrier Premium Account)

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