Maximum success with freight requests for quotations

White paper

Maximum success with freight requests for quotations

Procurement and logistics departments are under pressure to contain costs while minimizing operational complexity by reducing suppliers and achieving service-level expectations of internal and external customers. In the current transportation market, transportation service provider over-capacity, coupled with market consolidation, provides an ideal moment to review your contracts and conduct transport bidding projects.

How can you ensure that your transportation bidding projects can effect change without destabilizing existing operations? The answer is an effective transportation procurement exercise that follows world-class best practices.

In this white paper, we address freight-specific Requests for Quotation (RFQs) and take you through a set of rules and best practices that will be helpful before, during and after conducting a transportation bid. Adopting these simple steps will lead to RFQ results that are in line with your goals and strategies, clearly communicated and transparent bid requirements, auditable bidding processes and competitively priced awarding scenarios with the right suppliers for your business.

10 practical steps for a successful transportation procurement project

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