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Freight bill audit. Credit process. Reliable and quick.

Freight Bill Audit provides users with a real perspective on the topic of freight invoice checking.

At the press of a button, Freight Bill Audit analyzes all line items of a shipment invoice during the auditing process. The logistics service provider clarifies divergent positions in the shortest amount of time using the system. Transparent and focused for both parties, nothing stands in the way of an efficient billing process.

Freight Bill Audit automatically creates credit vouchers during the credit process. It uses the system to deliver the finished documents to the logistics service providers. In-house auditing effort is now a thing of the past.

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Freight Bill Audit in detail

  • Intrasystem transfer of freight cost statements

  • Automatic check of costs against transport rates stored in TICONTRACT Rate Management

  • Automatic evaluation of shipment data and creation of credit documents

  • Definition of tolerance ranges in which cost variances from negotiated freight rates are permitted

  • Intrasystem clarification process for invoice audit

  • Approval and data transfer to the ERP system

  • Transfer of shipment data from ERP and/or logistics systems


Automatic auditing

"Ever since we started using TICONTRACT Freight Bill Audit, our freight auditing process has progressed quickly. Our service providers are extremely satisfied, and we are within budget for all of our freight costs."

At the press of a button, Freight Bill Audit checks all shipment statements from one or more service providers for correctness. Freight invoices that are too high, time-consuming manual audits and outsourcing of the auditing process are a thing of the past.



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Freight Bill Audit advantages for you

  • Full control of your transport expenditures

  • 100% auditing and approval of all invoices with minimum time required

  • Prevents controlling effort due to the credit process

  • Faster auditing and bill approval

  • Better supplier relationships

  • No outsourcing of auditing processes necessary

Stay on the ball when it comes to Freight Bill Auditing and E-Logistics

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  • TRANSPOREON Shipment Execution

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