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Freight rate management. Centralized. Connected.

TICONTRACT Freight Rate Management brings order to rate structures. Regardless of how much transport data and how many freight rates and logistics contracts are managed around the world within one organization: Rate Management stands for simple inquiries, centralized handling and the best clarity.

Rate Management processes complex rate structures, surcharges and alternative transport options in no time. The entire organization has access to the same database, whether it is reached through manual queries or embedded in sales, processing or billing processes. Freight Rate Management is the centralized, flexible data supplier for handling freight rates in complex organizational structures.

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Freight Rate Management in detail

  • All freight rates and contracts in one centralized database

  • An overview of current and expired logistics contracts and associated freight rates

  • The system actively notifies you of expired contracts and rate validities.

  • Stores and archives all contracts and documents for each logistics service provider and freight contract

  • Takes into account various types of billing such as alternative freight billing or rates with diesel floaters. If necessary, it uses premium rates such as ADR or thermo surcharges

  • Numerous interfaces and import/export functions

  • Automatic conversion of freight rates into any currency

  • Access control and authorization concept

  • Manual query or fully automatic integration into the system and process landscape


Global freight rate management

"Since we started using Rate Management, all locations and departments around the world can reliably utilize current freight rates. We rarely receive follow-up questions from the departments and our customers get access to reliable information regarding freight costs."

Integrated into a fully automatic transport assignment system or manual queries via an intuitive search mask: Rate Management is the ideal solution for all companies that use and maintain large quantities of freight rates



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Rate Management advantages for you

  • Increases transparency in contracts and freight rates

  • Centralized data storage

  • Quick access to standardized information

  • Simple analysis of rate histories

  • Spend management

Stay on the ball when it comes to Rate Management

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You can find further technical details and information in our white paper.

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Compatible with these modules

  • TICONTRACT RFP Management
  • TICONTRACT Freight Bill Audit
  • TRANSPOREON Shipment Execution


TICONTRACT RFP Management brings speed and structure to your freight procurement processes. Electronic freight purchasing means the right logistics service providers are found online and administrative workloads are reduced. The result? Market transparency, offers which can be compared with one another and reports at the click of a mouse.

Module RFP Management

TICONTRACT Freight Bill Audit

TICONTRACT Freight Bill Audit helps users to really know what's going on with their freight invoicing. In auditing mode, the module analyses all the elements of a shipment statement with a click of the mouse. In self-billing mode, it creates self-bills automatically.

Module Freight Bill Audit

TRANSPOREON Shipment Execution

Shipping companies use TRANSPOREON shipment execution to transmit route data to their carriers. Conversely, carriers submit their quotations with only a few clicks using the logistics platform. And this is always complete, correct and fast. 

Module Shipment Execution

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