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TICONTRACT Freight RFP Management incorporates speed and structure into logistics bid invitation processes. Electronic freight procurement means finding suitable logistics service providers online and cutting administrative costs. The result: Market transparency, comparable offers and evaluations at the press of a button.

There's more: The e-sourcing solution from TICONTRACT simplifies communication with providers. This saves time and aggravation. All providers are always well-informed at the same time. Follow-up questions are eliminated, and the process is carried out without a hitch.

Not convinced yet? Keep reading! This page includes a detailed description of everything the TICONTRACT RFP Management platform can do.

Whitepaper: Maximum Success with Freight Requests for Quotations

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RFP Management in detail

  • Menu-guided freight bid invitation generator

  • Simple creation of complex inquiry matrices with different price fields and price scales, text and percent fields, drop-down menus and definable formulas for all transport carriers

  • Use of matrices as standard, company-wide procedures

  • Intelligent, system-supported search and selection of logistics service providers

  • Simple integration of existing logistics service providers

  • Prequalification of logistics service providers (supplier consolidation) through weighted, electronic questionnaires

  • Integrated analysis wizard for comprehensive evaluations and simulations

  • Barrier-free data transfer in TICONTRACT Rate Management

  • Multi-level round management

  • Live feedback to the service providers


Electronic logistics procurement

"With TICONTRACT, I always have the most current market access. Using RFP Management system I can create even the most complex bid invitations in no time and evaluate them conveniently at the end of the process."

Access to a global pool of logistics service providers, a menu-guided bid invitation process or the option of standardizing submission formats: These are just some of the advantages of Freight RFP Management with TICONTRACT.



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Freight RFP Management advantages for you

  • Achieves the best possible freight rates

  • Reduces administrative effort and cuts costs

  • Accelerates the transport RFP process significantly

  • Maximum market transparency

  • Audit-proof transport RFP process

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