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Straightforward Freight Bill Audit for Carriers. Quick payment processing.

TICONTRACT Freight Bill Audit for Carriers is the fastest way to settle freight billing with shippers.

It accelerates the auditing and approval of your freight billing by your shippers. This results in a substantially shorter payment process and much less need for further clarification.

Service providers use Freight Bill Audit for Carriers free of charge. All you need to do is register at TICONTRACT. The module is used in the freight billing process with all shippers that use TICONTRACT Freight Bill audit as their solution for verification of freight bills.

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Freight Bill Audit Details

  • Upload of shipment structures from a specific time period

  • Feedback from the shipper on the shipment level if clarification is needed

  • Targeted communication and a quick review procedure

  • Approval of shipment statements by the shipper


Accelerated payment process

"We have a better relationship with our customers that use Freight Bill Audit from TICONTRACT. There are no longer any discussions about discrepancies in billing amounts, and the posting process is much quicker for both parties."

Freight Bill Audit automatically checks shipment statements and freight prices before the invoice is created. This minimizes the danger of incorrect invoicing. The entire billing process is becoming faster.



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Freight Bill Audit for Carriers: advantages for you

  • Simple transfer of shipment statements to shippers

  • Quick, targeted feedback

  • Simple communication and quick processes

  • Accelerated billing approval and faster payment processing

  • Free of charge for logistics service providers

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