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RFP Management for Carriers. Freight contracts free of charge.

TICONTRACT is the web address to use when dealing with electronic freight tenders.

Renowned shippers invite logistics service providers to participate in suitable freight tenders. Negotiations and agreements regarding transport volumes and/or periods of validity for freight rates take place at the end of an invitation to bid.

A comprehensive company profile including all associated industrial and retail companies is the business card of providers on the platform.

The use of TICONTRACT and its RFP management system is completely free of charge for logistics service providers.

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Free RFP Management for Carriers in detail

  • Web-based freight bid invitation platform

  • Negotiate long-term logistics contracts

  • Free registration and participation in freight bid invitations

  • Creation of your own company profile and as many user accounts as you would like

  • Free support through the support hotline

  • Ability to participate in logistics bid invitations from large, renowned shippers

  • Platform available in 13 languages

  • Approx. 8,000 freight bid invitations per year from industry and retail

  • More than 400 shipper customers are connected to the platform.


Electronic sales channel

"The freight tendering platform puts us in contact with shippers that we had never heard of before. We receive invitations to attractive bid invitations that are a good match for our company through our profile."

Fill out the registration form and logistics service provider profile, and you're done. Become of a part of TICONTRACT's service provider community in just a few steps and receive invitations for long-term transport orders.



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RFP Management for Carriers: advantages for you

  • Direct contact to potential customers

  • Invitations to relevant freight tenders

  • Company profile can be viewed for all shippers

  • Easier acquisition of orders and new customers

  • Less marketing costs

  • Time and cost savings

  • Free registration and use

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