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Freight cost management. Company-wide solutions. Streamlined processes.

The solutions from TICONTRACT offer advantages for everyone in the company who is involved in the transport costs. From procurement and sales all the way to accounting. The Tendering, Rate Management and Billing modules focus on process automation and process acceleration. The basic idea behind the e-sourcing platform is to simplify workflows.




Freight Procurement

"With TICONTRACT I always have the best possible access to the transportation market. I can create even very complex e-bids in no time at all and analyse them easily at the end of the process."

Access to a global pool of logistics service providers, a menu-guided RFP process and the chance to standardize submission formats: these are just some of the benefits of electronic freight purchasing with TICONTRACT.



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General Procurement

"In addition to freight, we also procure all logistics-related goods, such as pallets and packaging via TICONTRACT. Our advantage: One system, one contract and one kind of expertise - extremely efficient!"

In addition to freight volumes, you can also source storage areas and other logistics related to goods from the "Indirect spend" area via TICONTRACT. The only difference: You must already know your potential suppliers.



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Transport Management

"We use TRANSPOREON shipment execution together with the Rate Management system from TICONTRACT. Since the rates always come directly from the bid invitation platform and are current, we are always working with the right prices automatically. This is extremely efficient!"

The interface between TICONTRACT Rate Management and the automatic shipment execution from TRANSPOREON make the daily data flow of freight prices from the logistics bid invitation to the electronic transport a no-brainer.



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"Freight costs play an important role in the final prices of our quotations. In my opinion, it is extremely important for field staff to have quick, reliable access to our freight rates from anywhere out in the field. This access should be possible for staffers regardless of whether or not they have a background in logistics. Rate Management from TICONTRACT improved my daily life immediately."

The Rate Management module from TICONTRACT simplifies the daily work of all employees in your organization who need correct, easy-to-find freight rates. The intuitive search mask of Rate Management makes find complex rates as easy as searching for a train connection.



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"Ever since we started using Freight Bill Audit, the auditing process has progressed quickly. Our service providers are extremely satisfied, and we are within budget for all of our freight costs."

At the press of a button, Freight Bill Audit checks all shipment statements from one or more service providers for correctness. Freight invoices that are too high, time-consuming manual audits and outsourcing of the auditing process are a thing of the past.



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LSP Sales

"The RFP Management platform puts us in contact with shippers that we had never heard of before. We receive invitations to attractive bid invitations that are a good match for our company through our profile."

Fill out the registration form and service provider profile, and you're done. Become of a part of TICONTRACT's service provider community in just a few steps and receive invitations for long-term transport orders.

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LSP Accounting

"We have a better relationship with our customers that use Freight Bill Audit from TICONTRACT. There are no longer any discussions about discrepancies in billing amounts, and the posting process is much quicker for both parties."

Freight Bill Audit automatically checks shipment statements and freight prices before the invoice is created. This minimizes the danger of incorrect invoicing. The entire billing process is becoming faster.



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